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Be extremely leary of anyone claiming to have "psychic powers." Be leary of any websites that try to "sell" you with endorsements you have no way of ever knowing the validity of. Understand that, along with some sincere practicing psychics, there are few who know more than how to play on words.

Words on a piece of paper leaves no clue as to their validity.

I understand the answer to the question "if you can see into the future, why don't you win the lottery?"

I've tried. I've even thought I "heard" the numbers and had to write them down before I forgot them because they were the winning numbers only to find that it just doesn't work.

Frofit cannot be the motive of a real psychic. A real psychic helps you and doesn't chage you for it. To make money off an extremely precious, delicate, and yet-to-be-understood miracle of sorts is to me a slap in the face of that entity from which I/you receive the "vision."

About a year ago I had to return a movie to Blockbuster. My wife wanted to come along for the 15 minute drive there and back. What was not comfotable enough then to insist she stay at home because I was going to be involved in a car accident.

Was I certain that I was going to have an accident? 90% sure. I had dreamed two nights in a row that a car had come out of nowhere and hit my car.
My wife and I drove through a parking lot and she kept telling me to watch my driving when I knew it wasn't going to be me hitting them but them hitting me.

She ran op to turn in the movie, came back. We were out of the parking lot and in the left hand turn lane waiting for the left-turn light to come on when we were rear-ended.

No vehicle damage but some chiropractic needed. I didn't sue anyone.